Valleywise Health is a publicly funded teaching hospital system whose academic affairs office serves over 3,000 learners in more than 70 disciplines. The Research Department oversees a robust program of health services, laboratory-based, and clinical research.

Carla Pauley, who is the manager of the IRB, came to the position in November 2016 and found a backlog of IRB requests and “piles of paper two-feet high! The department’s administrator had resigned”, Pauley explained,  “and the IRB coordinator was overwhelmed and buried in paper.”

Pauley found over 100 pending submission requests for IRB review, which she and her coordinator tried to organize in a spreadsheet. But this was not a long-term solution for a department that conducted more than 150 new study reviews per year, a number that is growing rapidly (see Chart). In addition to the dismaying amount of paper, researchers and other stakeholders complained about the long turnaround times.

Increasing studies at Valleywise Health
Rapidly increasing study numbers caused a backlog in the paper-based IRB workflow.

Valleywise Health switched to Mentor IRB and “everything got a lot better very quickly,” according to Pauley.

Among the improvements that Pauley cites are: it’s paperless, excellent automation of workflow processes, the ability to track much-improved turnaround times, 2-3 clicks for doctors to approve requests and outstanding customer service.

Thanks to Mentor IRB, the Research Department at Valleywise Health operates with much less paper. More importantly, they are able to process more requests in less time and now rarely have more than 10 to 15 requests pending.

“Study volume has increased and so we do a lot more in much less time, thanks to Mentor IRB,” Pauley concludes. “And that makes everyone happier.”

Reduced turn-around times with Axiom Mentor IRB software
Reduced turn-around times with Axiom Mentor IRB software

About Axiom’s Mentor IRB

Axiom’s Mentor IRB software is a fully hosted, online solution that supports multiple IRBs and allows each to manage the review process from investigator submission to continuing reviews and adverse event reporting. Mentor’s IRB software is fully configurable and Axiom Mentor offers unsurpassed support services with equal access to all clients, regardless of size or budget.