Compliance becomes a four-letter word for most of the human race by the time we reach age two. We strive as we grow to learn how to use tact, compromise, even manipulation to direct compliance in the direction that best suits our personal desires.

Maybe it’s time to stop this madness and look at compliance in a new light; one of cooperation instead of intimidation.

The Significance of Compliance

When compliance reporting is part of research requirements to obtain and/or maintain funding, it becomes a different tiger altogether.

You see, for researchers, compliance can mean the difference between having or losing the funds to purchase necessary supplies and pay graduate students, etc. It can be the difference between accomplishing their dreams or abandoning them.

Call it a necessary evil, if you must, but compliance is here to stay.

Research Compliance Simplified

Let us make it easier for you to maintain good relationships with faculty researchers by easing the stress of compliance reporting. Does that sound too good to be true? Well, it isn’t!

At Axiom Research Compliance, we realize the position administrators are in every day acting as liaisons between researchers and their funding sources. The mind automatically goes back to seeing compliance as a four-letter word.

We have developed the Axiom Mentor system with you, the administrator, in mind. Designed by clinical researchers who understand the details of reporting requirements, the whole idea behind this system is to assist you with every step. Whether you could benefit from streamlining the management of reviews, reporting, or post-reporting, we are here for you.

How Staff Benefits Using Axiom Research Compliance

Staff administrators often get the short end of the stick. Your job is tedious and demanding. Your stress level can go straight through the roof with just one nasty encounter, and your day may consist of several.

Now, some researchers who have decades of experience with the same funding for the same projects are easy to work with. Then there are those who are just getting their first research project up and running. They don’t know nearly as much as they think they do; they don’t appreciate how much you can help them, and often they simply leave the reporting to their graduate students.

While there are some situations we simply cannot change, we want to do all that is within our power to make your job of compliance reporting easier and less stressful.

For example, when you have a question, we will find an answer. Axiom strives to work with you, not against you. We wish to partner with you for the best reporting results for everyone. We desire a win-win situation for each and every compliance administrator.

What Axiom Mentor Has to Offer

Take a look at some of our programs to see what works best for the research conducted under your reporting.

  • Axiom IRB – our fully hosted SaaS solution allows you to manage your Institution Review Board with ease
  • Axiom IACUC – reviews and manages animal protocol information for reporting to the IACUC
  • Grants Management – keeps detailed progress on grant applications and follow-up on awarded grants
  • Axiom IBC – ensures research involving rDNA and biological agents remain compliant with guidelines

By simplifying the management of obtaining reporting requirements and disseminating them where needed, Axiom Mentor’s goal is to ease the stress between all involved parties while maintaining excellence.

New research is vital to improving our current quality of life and that of future generations. A good compliance administrator is worth their weight in gold even without our program. Just imagine how much more effective you’ll be with it! This could free time for you to help those new researchers with the knowledge only you can give them.

We’re ready and waiting for your call to partner with you and make your work-day easier to manage.