Researchers have a tedious and arduous work ethic. Even the most productive employees can struggle with efficiency because of the comprehensive processes. The good news is that introducing an online research compliance system can increase productivity, accuracy, and more. You may also find that you reduce the time spent on the process as well as costs along the way.

There are a few features to explore when you begin researching an online research compliance system to implement within your workplace.


One of the first things you want to look at is whether or not the IRB software is cloud-based. SaaS is becoming considerably more popular. When the software is a service, it allows access at all times, regardless of device. As long as your employees have a Wi-Fi signal, they will be able to access the online research compliance system and view resources.

You see, you want to make sure everyone has access to the IRB review process at all times. Otherwise, someone could be making changes without another person being aware of what’s going on.

Document Management System

It’s important to realize that the PI or principal investigator will change periodically throughout a research project. Particularly if the project encompasses multiple years, there will be changes. You need to make sure that you are utilizing a document management system that will account for this. Otherwise, a significant number of documents could be lost each time there is a change in the PI.

Additionally, you may be working with co-PIs or even student PIs. As such, it’s important you’re utilizing a document management system where the IRB chair or admin can post general-interest documents.

Also, copies of regulations, general policies, and more can all be included in one location.

Protocol Submissions

In order to maintain research compliance at all times, you want to ensure there is a protocol submission in place. This can be a simple form that will collect pertinent information about the protocol from the PI.

Your PI will be able to upload the protocol as well as the consent form and any other documents that are relevant to the IRB review process. This will make it easier for everyone to stay on the same page – as well as receive necessary approvals from department chairs.

Advanced Reporting

Reporting is what ultimately keeps everyone in the loop as well as compliant. An adverse event means that something went wrong with the research – and principal investigators, as well as every other investigator, needs to be aware of what is going on. There is a significant amount of documentation and record-keeping that goes along with adverse events.

Using an online research compliance system will provide you with more advanced reporting. This includes adverse event reporting as well as DSM so that you can monitor the process every step of the way.


There will likely be amendments to the protocol periodically. Amendments should be uploaded as documents and filed away. Plus, if there are revisions to consent forms, you want those available in the same location. When you have everything more organized, it makes it easier for investigators as well as research coordinators.

A lot of work goes into research compliance. If the administration seems overwhelming, there are solutions available to you. A simple software upgrade can be what you need in order to increase productivity and ensure that everyone enjoys a streamlined process so that it becomes less tedious.

Learn more about an online research compliance system to improve efficiency by contacting Axiom Research Compliance today. We look forward to helping you find the right solution.