IRB Software

Institutional Review Boards are generally the bane of everyone’s existence. From research ethics to the tedious reports that follow, it’s a time-consuming task that no one enjoys. Compliance requirements must be followed at all times, so there is no choice but to follow the guidelines and document everything.

Since there is no way to get around compliance, it’s up to you to be smarter about the way you work. IRB software can help you get away from the paper-based system, saving you time and increasing efficiency and productivity.

Stay Organized

One of the hardest things to do when working with IRBs is staying organized. By implementing software, IRB procedures can be organized for you. This will allow you to review the procedures and document what you are doing for compliance purposes.

If you rely too heavily on PDF systems, you (or your administrators) will spend more time opening up documents and scanning contents than actually documenting the various steps that you take. This will cause you to be considerably less efficient throughout the day.

Now, just because you have always used a PDF system doesn’t mean you can’t evolve. You’ll find that IRB software can be extremely easy to implement. Dashboards show you what you need to know at all times. Also, you’re able to benefit from the various templates that are in place.

Simplify Tasks

It can be overwhelming to conduct research compliance. Having a thorough understanding of the compliance aspects is key, which includes quality assurance.

You see, you’ll want to recognize more about research compliance and how things change periodically. This could mean choosing to be inundated with work because that’s the way it’s always been. Or, you could opt to simplify tasks by using software.

This will allow you to automate such tasks as:

  • Reporting reminders
  • Track reviews
  • Create meeting agendas
  • Populate templates with specific data

Avoid Constant Updates

All it takes is one update in the procedures or the regulations to cause everything to slow down. You will have to conduct new research and spend more time going over the processes in place.

Rather than being inundated with updates, you can let the software do all of the work for you. This is a chance to streamline some of the processes. You can work from a single data source that will do the updates automatically. You can also avoid working out of compliance, which could lead to disastrous results in terms of your research.

It may surprise you with how much easier it is to follow IRBs when you are able to use the software. To ensure you get the maximum benefit of software, it’s critical for you to look at all of the features. Once you identify the tasks that you complete on a regular basis and which ones take the most time, you can compare software more effectively.

IRB Software with Axiom Mentor

At Axiom, we offer Mentor IRB software, which has become a game-changer in the industry. As a fully-hosted SaaS solution, it allows you to manage backups, data encryption, and upgrades. With a 99.5% guaranteed uptime, you can access the software when and where you need it. This also allows you to work more productively because of not being tied to one specific computer where PDF documents are housed.

Want to learn more about IRB software? Contact us! We will show you the special features of our software, including being a full document management system for every protocol that you must follow. Implementing this could be what you need to review proposals and monitor compliance at your institution once and for all.