IRB Software

The Institutional Review Board can be unforgiving when it comes to research. Nobody wants to place subjects in harm’s way or run afoul of the IRB due to inadequate tracking.

In fact, IRB tracking software is becoming crucial to helping administrators, managers, and assistants to do the job well without errors or omissions. Migrating from a PDF or paper-based system to an online tracking system has been an especially huge transformation.

In fact, here are a few key reasons why this has been so successful:


Keeping files in electronic form is infinitely easier than paper or even scanned PDF form. That is because they can automatically be sorted and filed into easy to use folders when they are natively created online.

In contrast, paper or PDF files cannot be found in the same way through a simple search bar. Instead, administrators need hours of painstaking research to find the exact right document they are looking for.

In the case of audits, this could be the difference between passing or not. IRB members that can easily access the right files will not be missing critical information when they attempt to make their evaluation. They will have everything they need at the tip of their fingers.

Also, if they have to follow-up with additional questions, administrators will be able to produce the relevant content with a simple search.

Secure Sharing

Trial and experiment documentation often needs to be shared among peers, internal departments, staff, regulatory bodies, monitoring boards, government, and others.

In order to do so, administrators are now using e-tracking software to rapidly identify and securely share information. Sensitive data covered by HIPAA has important protocols for sharing and protecting data. It cannot be lost or transferred to unauthorized parties.

For that reason, sharing is a complex problem for IRB tracking solutions.

Fortunately, there are now tools that manage and deploy shared data in a private, secure setting. Whether that means cryptographic features or secure portals, the data is always protected.


Another benefit of IRB software is that online tracking also helps administrators keep tabs on all the necessary forms they have to complete.

You see, these regular filings are crucial for keeping an institution in compliance. However, they are extremely difficult to remember and manage.

There are now tools that allow for forms to automatically be generated well before the deadline for submission. This helps administrators remember what to do and when to do it.

Better yet, the forms may be automatically submitted online and store in the company’s internal documents for later auditing purposes.


Of course, throughout the process, administrators and PI’s will want to know the exact status. This may automatically or manually be updated depending on the research progress. Each change in status automatically is logged with a timestamp that can be referred to later in the process.

Additionally, a report is generated for each status change that can later be identified for audit or review purposes. These reports identify all the progress to date as well as the amount of intervening time from the last status change. This is important to document the amount of time spent on each point in the process.

This results in dramatic improvements in efficiency as major headaches and bottlenecks are eliminated. The staff has more time to focus on core research without painstakingly recounting all of their work for status reports.

Why Axiom for IRB Software

Mentor IRB is now the leading online tracking and reporting IRB software solution. More and more administrators and PI’s are choosing this tool to manage their studies and keep them in compliance. The result is better organization, less stress, more approvals and higher productivity.

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