Internship Management Webinar

Internship Management Webinar

Better Internship Management for All Majors

Successful internship programs are built on good relationships and even better organization.

Attracting and retaining desirable employers, matching those employers with qualified student candidates, and ensuring value for all participants can only be accomplished with the right structure and tools.

Mentor Internship Management, makes the myriad tasks of student internship management easier by efficiently collecting, updating, tracking and reporting the necessary information from all stakeholders.

This easy and affordable software, designed for academic institutions, offers:

  • Flexible administration and convenient access
  • Easy data collection and updating
  • Simple searching and tracking
  • Timely feedback and insightful reporting

See how you can save time and vastly improve the flow of information for your student internship program – without challenging the budget – by signing up for our complimentary 30-minute webinar: Better Internship Management for All Majors.