Internship Management

Managing internships for all schools, departments, and majors is straightforward and efficient with Mentor’s Internship Management. A fully searchable database of internship sites with the ability to assign, track, and evaluate, Internship Management offers:

Flexible Administration and Access

Internships can be managed by a single administrator or by multiple administrators across different schools and departments. Each administrator can enter and update their own internship records, assign students, and solicit feedback with custom evaluation surveys for both student interns and internship supervisors. Student access to available internships can be limited by student major or searchable by all students. Granting access to students is easy through integration with your institution’s student information system.

Easy Data Collection and Updating

Building and maintaining your internship database is a snap with an easy-to-use form that captures company/organization name, description, contact information, major codes and categories, location, pay rate, and more. The internship administrator can also send a special URL to prospective internship sites and ask that they input their own internship description and other related information. Included internships can be activated or de-activated and can be flagged as filled for a given semester.

Simple Searching and Tracking

Students can quickly find relevant internships with an intuitive search form, which will return all applicable internships and direct students to the internship management office or to the internship site, as specified by administrators. Assigning students and tracking internship records is a simple process, allowing administrators to monitor and report how many students are assigned to internship sites each semester. Email tools facilitate communication to and from student interns and their internship supervisors.

Timely and Useful Feedback

Internship administrators can easily create student-intern and internship-supervisor surveys to evaluate the internship experience (student) and student intern performance (supervisor), educational and career-path value to the student, and workplace production value to the organization. Students and internship supervisors can instantly access the survey via a unique emailed URL and administers can compile and export results to Excel or any other statistical program for analysis. In addition, internship supervisors can request a reflective paper or report from student interns, which can be uploaded to their internship records.

Axiom Education offers unsurpassed support services with equal access to all clients, regardless of size or budget.

We provide support to all users via our Contact Support system. Help requests are usually answered within hours and guaranteed by the next day.

Our support team is available:

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Mentor integrates with Banner, PeopleSoft, Datatel, etc. for populating Internship Management user accounts and supports single sign-on with LDAP, Active Directory, CAS and Shibboleth.

Mentor’s Internship Management is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution. Axiom Education hosts the full Mentor platform in the Amazon Web Services, eliminating the need for our clients to support their own IT infrastructure and making implementation a breeze. We manage all aspects of the Mentor system: security, backups, disaster recovery, OS upgrades and application upgrades.