Faculty Reporting

Faulty Reporting transforms cumbersome academic tasks into streamlined processes that fulfill multiple needs from a single data source. From accreditation compliance to annual reviews, Faculty Reporting improves productivity and reduces costs by efficiently collecting and selectively disseminating your faculty’s accomplishments. Say good-bye to reams of paperwork, masses of email, and a catalog of staff complaints. Say hello to complete, relevant, and timely information delivered where and when you need it.

Designed for practical use and priced for real-world budgets, Faculty Reporting is:

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Faculty Reporting is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution. Axiom Education hosts the full Mentor platform in the Amazon cloud, eliminating the need for our clients to support their own It infrastructure and making implementation a breeze. Once a contract is executed, Mentor credentials are created and clients are given immediate access to Faculty Reporting.

We also allow easy integration with your institutional systems, whether you need to import data to, or export from, Mentor. We provide multiple methods for you to use, as well as a web services API that allows you to automate integration.

Our support staff will work with you to satisfy your individual integration needs and provide your initial training.

Faculty Reporting pricing is simple!

Annual subscription: $50 per reporting faculty member (100 member minimum)

One-time set up fee of $3,000