Ethics Amid Uncertainty

Returning to In-Person SBER


This 45 minute webinar explores returning to in-person SBER in a time of uncertainty.

Join Dr. Myra Luna-Lucero as she explores the critical steps necessary for returning to in-person research. In discussing this complex transition Dr Luna-Lucero will cover a range of topics  including the support structure, guidance and adaptation of documentation that will be required of IRB personnel and researchers.

This webinar one-hour webinar will cover how to:

  • Establish a compliance and safety support structure for researchers and IRBs
  • Create research ramp-up (and ramp-down) phases
  • Plan for current and future in-person research and data collection
  • Develop research safety and hygiene policies and procedures
  • Set clear expectations, remain transparent, and create teachable moments through support and understanding

Dr. Myra Luna-Lucero, Ed.D., is the research compliance director at Teachers College, Columbia University. 


Scenario Planning for IRBs

Recorded Session

During this 15 minute webinar on Scenario Planning, you will learn how to apply this tool to your future plans. Scenario Planning was developed by Shell Oil in the 1970’s and has been shown to be effective when the future is unlikely to be similar to the past. We focus on how to use Scenario Planning with your IRB team. You will also see how this can be useful in other contexts.


The webinar is conducted by Dr. Curt Naser, Founder and CTO of Axiom Mentor and by John Seiffer, Business Advisor at CEOBootCamp.com and past president of the International Coach Federation.

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Ethics Amid Uncertainty

SBER Research During a Pandemic

June 12, 1:30pm EDT


Axiom Mentor is offering a free, 30-minute webinar designed offer insights into moving in-person SBER forward in a time of uncertainty.


Webinar topics include:

  • How to use historical data to plan collect evidence-based data to make decisions
  • Risk assessment and crisis management
  • Evaluate and reassess risks at multiple stages
  • Ways to create communication channels for dissemination of information
  • Development of guiding principles for planning committees
  • A focus on timeliness and consistency for program creation and evaluation
  • Assessment of feasibility and accessibility
  • Pathways to convey respect, beneficence, and justice for staff, researchers, and study participants
  • Considerations of confidentiality and privacy (e.g., personal or familial health disclosures)
  • Recognition of limits (unknown factors, limited information, decisions may change)


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30 Minute Webinar: Overview of Mentor IRB

During this brief overview we will:

  • show how Mentor IRB can make your team more efficient.
  • address how Mentor Logic makes the protocol submission process easier and faster,
  • discuss how workflow routing reduces your turnaround times and
  • show how our extensive configuration program makes implementation easier for your stakeholders.
  • answer your questions and discuss our simple pricing program.

If you would like a more extensive demonstration of Mentor IRB just let us know!

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Use and Abuse of IRB

Recorded Session

IRBs are prone to mission creep and mis-interpretation of the federal regulations. This webinar focuses on IRB practices in reviewing social science types of research projects. This webinar will guide participants through the application of the regulatory definitions of research and human subjects and minimal risk, the exemption categories, as well as discuss issues of scientific design in relation to risks and benefits. The webinar will also discuss informed consent and the conditions for waiver of informed consent. Our goal is to establish clear boundaries for IRB authority and explore reasons why IRBs often exceed them.

Learning Objectives:

  • Apply the regulatory language that determines if IRB review is required, and if so, at what level.
  • Apply an understanding of the role scientific design plays in review of minimal risk research.
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Evaluating IRB Software Vendors

Recorded Session

Join us as we discuss:

  • 4 key criteria for evaluating online IRB systems
  • What to focus on when considering key stakeholders
  • What to ask in the exhibit hall and what to save for follow up
  • 3 sure signs that you are talking to the wrong vendor

Plus, we’ll discuss some easy homework you can do before visiting the exhibit area of a conference.

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