Adopting research compliance software, especially an online IRB system, as a small or mid-sized organization might seem like an overwhelming challenge. When considering the number of resources it takes to implement, train and onboard, as well as time, it might not seem like a worthy investment.

However, Axiom’s Mentor system provides a host of benefits that can greatly contribute to increasing speed, efficiency, and overall convenience for your compliance office. Mentor IRB can become the backbone of key processes for your IRB, and the advantages of adopting Mentor IRB for your organization are often enhanced by the ease of set-up, training and onboarding.

In fact, here are just some of the benefits that are associated with embracing an online IRB system like Mentor IRB for your organization.

1) Easy implementation

A large hurdle to adopting IRB software is that implementation is difficult and costly, therefore making it more of a hassle than anything else. However, this is not quite the reality with the Axiom platform.

You see, Mentor IRB has an easy implementation path that configures the system to your workflow and utilizes your current documents. The system is designed to address needs and questions for people across a spectrum of technological savviness throughout the process and ease the burden of clerical processes.

With Mentor IRB, implementation and onboarding are often done in a quick period of time. There is also an unusually high degree of support available as users get comfortable with the system after the initial onboarding.

2) Increased savings in cost and time

Another persistent hurdle with online compliance systems is that usage can be costly and time-consuming, both in the initial phases and in their daily use over time. Hidden fees present an especially significant problem. Mentor IRB has a simple fee structure of $40 per new protocol (150 minimum new protocols per year), and over time, becomes a great asset to organizations.

Not only has Mentor IRB proven to be instrumental in automating processes and saving time, but it also saves on cost in terms of resources and labor.

Overall, an online research compliance systems have proven time and time again that they are worth the investment, both in the short and long-term. Rather than investing in costly hardware that takes continuous maintenance or time-consuming manual processes, investing in Mentor IRB can ensure that you’re able to run your organization smoothly without constantly incurring costs.

3) Constant evolution

A major benefit of Mentor IRB is its constant evolution, with customers being direct beneficiaries of these changes. As technology and regulations continue to evolve and grow, Mentor IRB is upgraded to stay current in its system. Our dedicated team works tirelessly to improve Mentor and ensure that each customer is receiving a great experience overall.

Mentor IRB is in a continuous state of improvement. One way we accomplish this is by providing you with unlimited custom reports. A custom report has the potential to benefit others and so, our reporting function becomes community developed.

Thus, your organization can rest easy knowing that with each upgrade, you’re on the path to constant improvement and increased productivity.

As an online IRB system, Mentor is designed to provide each of its users an experience that is easy and convenient without losing efficiency – and this is an ongoing process. Organizations will see consistent levels of support and upgrades aimed at providing the best experience possible.

4) Allows for better work-life balance

Online compliance systems should allow for a great deal of flexibility, scalability, and accessibility. These are all vital components in achieving a better work-life balance for the organization and employees.

Mentor IRB and other modules for IACUCIBCGrants and our soon-to-be-released Conflict-of-Interest module are accessible on a multitude of devices, can easily be scaled to account for employee growth, and allow for easier flexibility overall in terms of where to work and when to work.


There is far more freedom throughout the organization for individuals to work in ways that’s best for them without having to be tied to hardware or paper-based compliance.

Furthermore, a huge advantage of leveraging an online IRB system like Mentor is that it’s constantly being evaluated and improved to help achieve increased flexibility and accessibility for all users.

This is a great benefit for small or mid-sized organizations that are looking to provide these options to employees without incurring a high degree of cost.  If you would like more information about online IRB software just send us an email at