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January 2018

Adopting research compliance software, especially an online IRB system, as a small or mid-sized organization might seem like an overwhelming challenge. When considering the number of resources it takes to implement, train and onboard, as well as time, it might not seem like a worthy investment. However, Axiom’s Mentor system provides a host of benefits that can greatly contribute to increasing speed, efficiency, and overall convenience for your compliance office. Mentor IRB can become the... Read More
In many disciplines, funding agencies are expecting researchers to share their research data as a part of their research practice. While data sharing has benefits and can mobilize continued research, researchers are legally and ethically obligated to prevent accidental disclosure of sensitive information. Researchers’ attitudes towards sharing data may vary. It is important to understand the process of data sharing and develop a thoughtful plan describing how and why to share data. The following... Read More
It’s a new year and a fresh start to research in 2018. New researchers are beginning their IRB protocols and it is important for them to know the difference between four key terms associated with data collection: Anonymous,Confidential, De-identified, and Identifiable. Below are some examples of these key terms. Data in the following examples is used generally and can include numeric data (e.g., surveys) and qualitative materials (e.g., interview transcripts and field notes).
  • Anonymous – Anonymous data is collected in... Read More