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November 2017

Axiom Research Compliance invites you to joiin us for a webinar, The Use and abuse of IRBs.  This webinar focuses on IRB practices in reviewing social science types of research projects. IRBs are prone to mission creep and mis-interpretation of the federal regulations. This webinar will guide participants through the application of the regulatory definitions of research and human subjects and minimal risk, the exemption categories, as well as discuss issues of scientific design in... Read More
Researchers need to meet deadlines, but it is sometimes difficult to figure out everything that has to be done. As such, we created a general student timeline that follows a linear path from initial research conceptualization to graduation. This general timeline highlights nine typical markers for successful student research, but some students may conduct pilot studies or other forms of research that do not strictly follow this general timeline.
Subject recruitment for research cannot begin until written approval from the IRB is obtained. However, researchers can describe how and when they intend to select and recruit their subjects in their IRB protocol. IRB reviewers will often ask that researchers answer the following questions regarding subject selection and recruitment:
  • How will the researcher access the participant group?
  • Has the researcher clearly explained the process for recruiting participants?
  • Did the researcher create materials to contact people and... Read More