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July 2017

I assisted a student researcher with submitting his first IRB protocol through Axiom Mentor. After he hit “save,” he leaned back in his chair and said, “Well, glad that’s all over. Now, I never have to worry about IRB.” I politely chuckled and reminded him that maintaining a high standard of ethics is a daily commitment. I explained that throughout the lifecycle of his work, he should run period checks to make sure that he’s adhering... Read More
A study recently crossed my desk where a researcher wanted to understand if Parkinson’s disease patients would experience improved swallowing after a four-week exercise regime of techniques used by singers in training. These exercises included a facial muscle strengthening routine of: (1) vocalized yawn, (2) jaw stretch and hum, (3) the pucker and lip smack, and (4) sing “Doe-Ray-Me-Sew-La-Tea-Doe” three times. The researcher was going to compare this “singing exercise regimen” with a typical Parkinson’s exercise... Read More