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February 2017

I asked the doctoral student sitting across from me, “so, where’s your locked filing cabinet?” The student stared blankly at me. I repeated the question with emphasis, “where is your locked filing cabinet?” I also offered an example, “is the locked filing cabinet in your campus office?” The student finally replied, “I don’t have a locked filing cabinet, or an office on campus. The data I’m collecting is digital!” I suspected her response, but I wanted to... Read More
Researchers often overlook the interpersonal side of IRB protocol submissions. In fact, many researchers I encounter are surprised to know real people review their protocols. Some researchers believe that once they click, “submit” their protocol enters into a black hole, never to be seen again! All kidding aside, sometimes researchers need reminding that while IRB protocols are about adhering to ethical guidelines, they are also about knowing your population of interest, and knowing how to communicate... Read More
Evaluating online research compliance software can be sometimes be daunting – especially if you’re not a “technology person.”  But, like any Software-as-a-System (SaaS) there are some basic steps that can help structure your evaluation process.  You’ll want to ensure that you’re taking into account issues ranging from the underlying infrastructure of the SaaS solution to the overall rationale your institution has for implementing this solution. Where a small or mid-size college might emphasize minimizing the effort and... Read More