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January 2017

Before submitting your own IRB protocol, read someone else’s protocol. Ask about parts of their protocol that were most challenging or straightforward. If possible, ask them to share what feedback they received from the IRB committee and how they addressed those recommendations. Read blogs like these and share them with others. Pull together a collection of resources that other researchers can use for future IRB protocol submissions. Many researchers write an informed consent using academic jargon, but... Read More
Software Purchase Process Creating positive relationships with stakeholders is the single greatest key to successful technology purchase and implementation. While the process of evaluating and buying research compliance software is not exciting to most people involved, the process can effectively build long-term fruitful relationships with administrators, researchers, and co-workers. This helps to ensure that implementation and follow-up procedures flow smoothly and efficiently. Below is a look at the key stakeholders involved in the buying process and... Read More
A key to successful research is ensuring that the people who perform it and research compliance professionals can effectively communicate with each other – and easily keep those communications as part of the compliance record. Researchers can be more focused on the actual research if they have confidence that their compliance personnel are supported with the right IRB compliance software.  What's more, research dollars are at risk if communications are not efficiently and accurately recorded.... Read More
So, you are a graduate student looking to do research with human subjects. You have taken those required research methods classes. You have some classroom experience conducting your own research, and you’ve even got a few A’s here and there. And now, you know the next step is to submit an Institutional Review Board (IRB) protocol for review. But you hesitate and ponder other options for research—perhaps you’ll analyze the contents of a book instead. I mean, who... Read More